but the clock keeps ticking and the minutes keep coming

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comment to be added.

add me? friends on your old journal :]

hellooooo cuhhh-laaaaaire!

add me slutbaggg

re-add me killa.

i accidentally added protests again when i re-added everyone instead of this.

claire has a heartbeat of her own:]LOVE that's what.

i'm not asking you to add me, i'm TELLING you to add me.

my babies mamma, i love you.

I hope my drunken posts haven't made you decide to end our lj legendary friend ship. Gosh, I just don't know what I would do with out some Claire in my life!

ironmind is my friend haha

totally add me :D

add me hott girrrrl. <3 like, now. you brighten my friends page!

add me or i'll never let you pick my nose again!
okay sike.
but add me regardless.
i love you.


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